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Welcome to the Ford RS200 Replica Forums. If you would like to post a message, you first need to register. Due to unforseen circumstances you will not be able to register! This site is quite special in that it caters only for RS200 kits that use original and genuine mouldings. This makes them unlike any other replica on the market, infact it makes our replica's the only one's with a direct link to the original car upon which its based. That cannot be said about any other type of kit car! Especially any other RS200 replicas.

If you have any pictures of or information on RS200 replica kits please let us know at

Don't forget to visit the ever expanding gallery!Where you will be able to see many different ways of building an RS200 replica from the original Banham conversions through a range of modern super high spec sports doner platforms along with space framed type conversions. You will not be able to register on this site due to a CGI error, thanks

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How to find the best Ford RS 200 replicas

A nice racing car is all what it takes to make a man happy. It will be the source of his inspiration, his lifelong hobby and it will make women like escorts come to him and make him even more satisfied. But there are not that many things one can do to get classic racing cars and add them to a collection. They are pretty rare, and in most cases more expensive than a totally new racing car. A Paris escort will always love the look of these old beauties and therefore make sure to help you on your search. Even though there might not be many original Ford RS 200's left out there, you will be able to find some amazing replicas, so why not just focus on finding them.

What makes a good replica?

All the Ford RS 200 lookalikes out there shouldn't actually be called replicas, because the originals are not being produced anymore, so the replicas are more like substitutes. The features that play the main roles in making the car look and be just like the famous Ford RS 200 are its exterior and the performance. Escorts would always first check how the car looks, because it is much harder to replace the parts that are visible, than those that just do the work and move the car. However, for a real car enthusiast, the performance will be of much bigger importance. If you are one of those, then you will first need to make that clear to the UK escort whom you can find on the website EROS. A good way to learn more about this and to find out how a real Ford RS 200 is, if you haven't seen it yet, is to visit forums and see what people are writing there. You might also find one or two people there who own the original and ask them to see or even try it out.

Find one for yourself

On websites like eBay and other ones that are specialized for reselling cars, you won't find that much, and most of the offers will be much worse than what you would settle down with. A Ford RS 200 is the crown jewel of every collection, and that is what escorts will tell you, as well, so make sure to have it perfect. The EVO 200 is one of the cars that are made today that comes close to what the original 200 was all about. However it is not a replica and it doesn't say 'Ford' anywhere, but it is still a nice replacement and a great racing car to own. A beautiful UK escort will sometimes find it even nicer that the Ford, but still, you know exactly what the value of the original is and EVO can never top that.

Forums like Pistonheads have many pages discussing the best replicas out there, and on some of them you might even find an offer or two. Some people even own the car chassis, which is the hardest thing to find, or at least the front and back parts. Escorts will, however, want to help you assemble your own Ford RS 200, so why don't you take the challenge and try to do it. It will take time and you will spend quite a lot of money during the process, but the result will be stunning, for sure.

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