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About the Ford RS 200

Ford is one of the rare car manufacturers that are actually not known for their racing cars. It is a producer that mainly focuses on everyday vehicles of high quality, comfort and mediocre performance values. However, there are some models, of which some are produced even today, that are meant for racing, like the Mustang or the famous Ford RS 200. The last one is more than just a racing car, it is a legend that is very rare and it is actually impossible to come across one of them. These models were only produced during the two years between 1984 and 1986 and only a couple hundred of them were ever made.

Some technical details

Even though the Ford RS 200 model was only produced in a number of 200 units, it has been one of the most interesting racing cars of the company. After they stopped producing them in 1986, 24 of the two hundred made cars were converted into so - called 'Evolution' models. Even though it is close to impossible to add one of the RS 200's in your collection, you can see them quite often. There is no car festival or festival of speed where they don't appear.

The RS 200 was one of Ford's first four wheel drive racing cars, it had a 1,8 or 2,1 liter engine, it was a 5 - speed manual car with a maximal power of 450 PS at 8 thousand rpm. The exterior was designed by Ghia and it was mainly made out of a combination of plastic and fiberglass. This means that Ford didn't actually build the cars, but they were only ordered by Ford to be made by another company. The racing car has a very nice look, and is quite similar to other high - end vehicles of the class, than usual Ford cars. To this day, the Ford RS 200 remains a real legend and an important part of, not only the company's history, but also the world of cars.

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